22. Kolovoz 2020 - 12:00
Malik Adventures
CroatiaTrogir23000 Zadar Zadar, Croatia

Sea kayaking Croatian islands, Malik Adventures, Subota, 22. Kolovoz 2020


Sea kayaking enables us to access some of the most remote and hidden parts of the most distant islands in Croatia. Away from crowds. Away from other travelers but in the middle of a natural, historical, and adventure paradise. All powered by your own muscles.

Moving on to the sea requires some skills and knowledge. That is why we are dedicating a part of this trip to, as we explore the coastline, to teach you about the ancient sport of sea kayaking and how to do it safely and efficiently. But above all, in a fun way. No experience needed.

If you are experienced kayaker wanting to improve technique - perfect (try an Eskimo roll or a new type of roll perhaps)?



Who is it for?

If you are practicing any sport at home, you are already fit for this limited edition adventure trip. If you are running, cycling, hiking, climbing, mountaineering, exercising regularly – you are fit enough for this tip. If you are a sea kayaker - even better.

The concept?

The trip is designed to enable you to see some of the really hidden spots accessible only by sea kayak: submarine tunnels, military caves, a shipwreck, a chappel with one of the most epic views, not to mention a dozen islands, beaches, coves and snorkeling spots.

Oh, by the way, there is minimum driving. 98% of the time you are using your body to explore. We use kayaks to see most things, but you'll hop into your walking shoes/boots and on the bike to explore the little villages. More than 2m distance guaranteed - you'll have much more space.


The archipelago around island Molat (boat departs fro Zadar). No tourism office and very very little travelers here, but still great adventures. Every day we hop to a different island, visit a different fishing village, a stone stack, a beach, or uninhabited island.


Your lead guide and lead instructor is Marko Mrše:

– Canoeing Ireland Level 2 kayak instructor

– Canoeing Ireland Level 3 white water kayaker

– British Canoeing Level 4 sea kayaker

– American Canoe Association Level 2 SUP touring instructor


Price for the trip is 990EUR.

Price includes:

- 6 nights accommodation in your private room/apartment (with private entrance)

- 6 days breakfasts

- 6 days lunches

- 6 days dinner (local specialties and locally sourced seasonal ingredients) with a few drinks

- 5 days Sea kayak touring gear: sea kayak, paddle, pump (choose from 3 different types of kayaks and paddles)

- 5 days Personal kayaking gear: spray deck, personal flotation device, dry bags, kayaking cag

- 5 days guide and instructor.


Price does not include:

- Personal clothes and gear (we'll send you the list)

- Car ferry Zadar-Molat-Zadar (10EUR return ticket)

- Flights and accommodation in Zadar (if you decide to arrive early)

- Remaining meals


We meet on Saturday, July 4th, at 14.30h as you get off the catamaran from Zadar.


Arrival / On Saturday, August 22nd, your boat departs Zadar Old Town at 14.00h, arriving at Molat at 14.50h.

Departure / On Friday, August 28th, your boat departs Molat at 6.50h, arriving at Zadar at 7.50h.


All accommodation is in family-operated apartments. If you are traveling as a single traveler, you will get your private room or a private apartment. If you are traveling as a couple or friends you can choose either a twin or double room.


Activity is instructed, taught, and lead by a Canoeing Ireland instructor with years of experience.

In terms of Covid-19:

# Off the beaten path. Itinerary does not even remotely get close to busy touristy locations (perks of being on remote islands). The host village has 100 inhabitants and you have to try hard to really meet more than 30 of them at the same time (the church on Sunday is probably the best option).

# Outdoors. We spend most of the time out on the water (or underwater, meaning snorkeling) on locations with no people or visiting small fishing villages with little and barely visible tourism.

# Protocols. All local suppliers and all our guides are following the latest recommendations on how to minimize the risk of transmitting Covid-19 virus: cleaning, ventilation, and other protocols. In general, it is all meticulously clean, anyway.

# Isolation. When not on the water, you will have maximum isolation as you stay in your own apartments. You can opt to skip the dinners and have your dinners and breakfasts delivered to your apartment.


We are maximally flexible about your trip. In case the situation does not allow you to arrive for the trip, we use your entire deposit/payment for another date this year or in 2021. No risk there.


1. Check the link to the trip with an itinerary on our website in one of the posts below in this event.

2. Confirm you are interested in clicking on the event or drop me an email to email .

3. We'll get in touch and take it from there (with all practical, logistical and other details).

Subota, 22. Kolovoz 2020, Malik Adventures, Sea kayaking Croatian islands

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