18. Svibanj 2019 - 8:00

MissAdventure Festival, Pula, Subota, 18. Svibanj 2019

MissAdventure Festival - Shaping, inspiring and connecting female intrapreneurs, digital nomads, bloggers, influencers, media and brands

Connect with like minded women from all over the world who are interested in starting their own business or giving a little boost to their blog or company. Create friendships. Explore a fascinating region. Learn all the secrets of growing and monetizing your passion. Get jobs. Win a trip worth 3000Eur. This is not a conference telling you what to do. We will show how real women made real success. We will talk about the good, the bad and the ugly you won't hear anywhere else, becuase success isn't always pretty. it isn't always easy. BUT you are not alone. 

The MissAdventure Community of thousands women is always here to get your back either through support, education, pep talk or an extra hand. If you are planning to attent an event that will boost your creativity and inspire you then we hope you come to this unique Festival. It will be held in an renovated and secluded castle far away from noise and surrounded by wineyards and mountains.  It is super picturesque and we will make it all instagrammable. Are you a ready? Let the adventure begin!#iammissadventure

Subota, 18. Svibanj 2019, Pula, MissAdventure Festival

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