Ignite Your Inner Flame - Retreat with Mohanji, Kraljevi cardaci, Petak, 25. Listopad 2019

One flame can ignite many fires, but only the strong flames can resist the wind. Ignite and invigorate your inner flame in the presence of the spiritual master Mohanji. The holiday of Diwali is a perfect time for such a venture.
Diwali is a celebration of the victory of light over darkness, of good over evil, and of knowledge over ignorance. Let’s spend this holiday focused on the light within us that has always been there. Due to various “musts”, obligations and emotions, this light is now just a flicker waiting to be rekindled. Once it’s ignited, it will inspire a new meaning in our lives.
Mohanji’s consciousness helps us on that path, by burning all the unnecessary excess so our flame could shine in its full brightness. A set of simple techniques such as conscious breathing, meditation, conscious walking and conscious dancing will additionally stabilize this newly rekindled flame.
A new being needs a new body so we are going to detox ours by early-morning water therapy, vegan diet and practicing Yoga according to the programme of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga.
For details of the event, please contact serbia@mohanji.org
Let our light defeat the darkness within us and around us. Let good and knowledge rule the world. Let it all start from us – let’s ignite our inner flame!

Petak, 25. Listopad 2019, Kraljevi cardaci, Ignite Your Inner Flame - Retreat with Mohanji

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