Highlander Velebit, Northern Velebit, Subota, 01. Rujan 2018

Highlander Velebit is an 104 km long hiking through the spectacular beauty of a Nature park, which includes passing through two National parks: Northern Velebit on the north and Paklenica on the south. The trail is in some parts challenging but with preparation everyone can finish it. The amazing feeling of peace, freedom and knowledge overtakes the entire Velebit trail and we want every competitor to embrace those feelings and take them after finishing the event.

Every participant carries mandatory equipment.

tent* or bivouacking bag or hammock or a waterproof wing
sleeping bag
camp cooker that uses gas, gasoline or alcohol*
hydration bladder or water bottles with minimal volume of 3L
warm clothes and footwear that is suitable for the terrain and the weather conditions
trash bag
First aid kit (bandage, adhesive tape, band-aids, elastic bandage, sterilised gauzes, antiseptic, repellent, pain killers, rescue blanket)*

* can be shared between max. of 4 people that will go through the Finish line in a time span shorter then 30 minutes
All obligatory equipment will be checked at the Start before the race begins.
Participant with the missing equipment at the Start will be punished with arrear of 12 hours for every piece of missing equipment

transportation for participants from Senj to Zavižan*
transportation of one travelling bag (60 L/20 kg) from Zavižan to Paklenica
3 meals a day (dehydrated foods, cold cuts, cheese, bread, prepared meals)
passes for NP Northern Velebit and Paklenica
Highlander Passport – detailed instructions with a place for a stamp from every Checkpoint
Highlander's map – detailed maps of Velebit and plastic cover for it
Highlander Velebit medal

* At the Start in Zavižan participants can come in their private arrangement.
Contestant will be punished with arrear of 12 hours if he/she breaks any of the following rules:

More than 30 minutes difference in arriving to the Finish or Checkpoints between contestants sharing equipment
Missing equipment
Contestant will be punished by disqualification in case of:
leaving trash on the mountains,
starting a fire,
using mountaineers' lodges for sleeping, cooking or borrowing equipment
bivouacking in national parks Northern Velebit and Paklenica
not wanting to show staff the obligatory equipment

In case of disqualification the contestant will not get the Highlander Velebit medal and the Highlander Velebit certificate.
In case a participant comes to the Checkpoint or the Finish line after the set deadline he won't be on the official list, but he/she will still be able to get the certificate and the medal.
The participant picks a spot for bivuaking on the trail on his/her own.
Organizer will prepare spots for optional bivuaking at Skropovac shelter, on the meadow b the Baške Oštarije hostel, meadow at Panos and at Veliko Rujno.
Lighting a fire is not allowed anywhere on mountain Velebit.
Sleeping on the race is allowed only in equipment that is a part of participant's obligatory equipment - tent, bivuaking bag, hammock or a waterproof wing.
Housing in, cooking or borrowing equipment from the mountaineers' lodges is NOT ALLOWED.
There are 5 mandatory checkpoints and one optional on the 104 km long route.
On all 5 of the mandatory checkpoint it is necessary to affix stamp of the place to Highlander's Passport.

Mountain house Skorpovac – mandatory stamp in Highlander's Passport, closes 9/2 at 6pm
Baške Oštarije – mandatory stamp in Highlander's Passport, closes 9/3 at 12pm
Panos – mandatory stamp in Highlander's Passport, closes 9/4 at 8pm
Veliko Rujno – mandatory stamp in Highlander's Passport, closes 9/5 at 8pm
FINISH – Paklenica, entering the NP Paklenica

Every participant takes care that he/she has the mandatory stamp in their personal Highlander's Passport.
In case there's no staff at the Checkpoint when the participant is passing there, he/she has to stamp their own Highlander's Passport.
Participant will get the Medal and the Certificate no matter at what time they arrive at the Finish, but the staff have their own working hours after which they won't be present at the locations.
You can get water during the working hours of the Checkpoints, in case a participant hasn't inscribed onto control list, he/she is automatically disqualified.
Medal and the Certificate will be in the tourist agency Starigrad – Paklenica, weakdays from 9am – 3pm.
Organizer provides total of 15 meals which will be shared at Checkpoints.
Meals will contain enough food for all daily needs of an *****: hot meal, dehydrated prepared meals, spreads, cheeses, cold cuts and bread.
Participants provide snack foods and extra amounts of food for his/her own needs if they find it necessarily.
Detail information about handing out meals, organizer will provide in time to all participants.
Garbage cans will be placed at the rest stop for lunch in Baške Oštarije.
It is very important to say that pollution of the environment, littering on the mountains, trails, checkpoints and in the mountain cabins is absolutely prohibited and is penalized by disqualification of the participant.
Participants can use toilets when there's the opportunity (Checkpoints, hostel, shelters).
In case you need to go to the bathroom in nature where there aren't any toilets human waste needs to be buried.
Please go to the bathroom in nature as it is customed and not near the camps, living spaces or on the hiking trails.
If contestant breaches these rules he/she will be immediately disqualified from Highlander competition and at the Finish won't get his/hers Medal.
Transportation from Senj to Zavižan 9/1 will be organized for all participants that decide to set off from Senj.
Buses will set off at 7am in front of Hotel Art in Senj.
Organizer will provide transportation of one travelling bag per participant (60 L/20 kg) from Senj or Zavižan to Starigrad.
During the registration participant will receive a note with his/hers name and start number which he/she has to put on personal luggage.
At the Finish in Starigrad service for picking up the luggage works every day to 9/6 at 12pm.
You can bring a dog with you, but it needs to be on a leash at all times.
In case of injuries, being unable to move in the conditions without any possibility of communication via cellphone it is necessary to provide the information via other participants or supervisor to the nearest Checkpoint so that they can forward a call for help.
In cases when communication via cellphone is possible it is required to call the organizer's number provided in the Highlander's Passport who will then alarm the services.
If you're not injured you have to come to one of the roads, back to Zavižan, to the Mountaineer's lodge Alan, to Baške Oštarije, Panos, Veliko Rujno or to Starigrad.
The organizer has no obligations towards any participants that withdrawn from the competition and they have to organize further transportation.
Organization of the event, HGSS's duty, 15 meals, 3 cans of beer, 3 cans of Red Bull, transportation of the participant to the Start from Senj to Zavižan, passes for NP Northern Velebit and Paklenica, transportation of one travelling bag (60 L/20 kg) from Zavižan to Paklenica, Highlander Velebit Medal 2018, organization of the party at Baške Oštarije and Starigrad, 50 KN donation to the Mountaineering club Paklenica from Zadar for the purpose of marking of the hiking trails in between Baške Oštarije and Paklenica.
Recipient: Planinarski klub Gorstak Osijek
Address: Paska 5, 31000 Osijek, Hrvatska
EU Bank: Zagrebačka Banka d.d.
Account number (IBAN): HR3323600001102566378
Purpose of the payment: Highlander Velebit 2018 – participant's name and surname
In case of cancellation of the event by the organizer due to unforessen reasons, all the participants will get 50% refund of the paid entry fee. Entry fee can be redirected towards the following year.
In case of cancellation by the participant, he/she will get 50% refund of the paid entry fee, but he/she has to notify the organizer via e-mail no later than 8/10/2018 at 3pm about the cancellation.
After this date it will no longer be possible to be refunded.

What equipment should I bring to Highlander Velebit?
Morning temperatures on Velebit mid-May can be below 8 Celsius and daily temperatures can be as high as 25 Celsius. Heavy rainfall, extremely strong wind and long sunny periods are only one part of the expected weather conditions on this five-day adventure. You need to be fully prepared for all conditions.
How hard is it to follow the right path?
Most hiking trails on Velebit are excellently marked. It is important to stick to the hiking markings and official hiking trails. On every 20-25 km there are mountaineers' lodges as well as checkpoints with highly instructed staff. It is important to carry a map in your hand and follow the signposts well so that you will stick to the assigned path and arrive to your destination safely.
What type of weather can I expect on the way?
All types of weather! Velebit's weather is ever changing due to the clash of continental and mediterranean climate and we can expect everything from sleet to summer's heat with over 30 degrees Celsius. Gusts of wind can go over 150 km/h. It is best to download the HRT METEO application.
Can I bring my dog?
You can bring a dog with you, but it needs to be on a leash at all times. The dog can also be transported with provided buses to the Start line. You are not allowed to bring other pets to the race.
How to get to Senj?
Riviera Senj is a geotraffic intersection of 3 largest towns: Zagreb, Split and Rijeka. Hence the good connection between riviera and all transport links. For guests that arrive via plane the closest airport is ''Zračna luka Rijeka'' located on isle Krk (timetable) which is only 51 km away from the town Senj (isle Krk and mainland are connected with a bridge).
Airport on Krk is connected via airlines with cities in Germany, England, Norway and also Zagreb. Given airlines are held by these air carriers: HLX, Easy Jet, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Croatia Airlines. Besides the airline on isle Krk there is also airline Zadar – Zemunik whose timetable you can browse here.
If you are traveling by a car you can arrive to riviera Senj from several transport links.If you are coming from the direction of Rijeka through border crossings Rupa and Pasjak, travel via Jadranska magistrala in the Split's direction (A7, D3) to Senj. Senj is 64 km away from Rijeka. If you are coming from the direction of Zagreb you can take the Highway A1, turn off Highway past Gospić on to the exit Žuta lokva. Žuta lokva is 22 km away from the town of Senj and the toll is 8€.
Helpful pieces of information about road conditions can be found on the official website of Hrvatski autoklub.
If you decide to travel by a bus you can also take several transport links. You will have to travel for 160 km from Zagreb. Any information regarding arrivals and prices can be found here. In case you're coming from the South of the country, You will have to travel for 300 km from Split, every needed information about the arrivals and prices can be found here. From Dubrovnik you will need to travel about 490 km and all the info about arrivals and prices you can see here. Senj is connected with all of the major European cities through Zagreb and Rijeka via railway. Timetable is available on the following website Hrvatska željeznica.
The easiest way to travel from Paklenica to Rijeka is by a bus and the info about the arrivals and prices you can find out here, also the timetable and the ticket prices from Paklenica to Zadar you can find out here.
Is it possible to sleep in mountaineers' lodges and shelters?
No, you have to sleep in a tent or a sleeping bag that all participants are carrying for themselves and are a part of the obligatory equipment needed for Highlander. Sleeping in a tent is a special experience by itself and one of the best additions to the real hiking experience. Space in mountaineers' lodges and shelters is limited and is not adequate for all participants and for that reason sleeping in them is forbidden.
I have never hiked before, but I feel physically ready for the strain. Should I apply?
Of course! Highlander is not just for professional hikers, but also for those who love nature and are eager for outdoor activity. That being said, Highlander is not extremely demanding and it's very safe but despite that one must have the experience needed to endure the strain that will be put on our participants. All that you can achieve adequately preparing in months leading up to Highlander.
What would be the best way to prepare for Highlander Velebit?
Every participant needs to go through certain physical preparations in order to prevail 104 km of walking without any complications. Because of that it is advisable that every participant in months leading up to Highlander walks at least 80 to 100 km in nature or hikes to be prepared for the terrain. The most important thing is that every contestant is used to carrying a heavy backpack (start with carrying 5 to 7 kg then gradually increase the weight to 15 to 20 kg) and walking in your hiking boots.
Should I bring my own food?
It is up to you and your body. Every person has different level of satiety and needs more or less food to reach that level. Food will be accessible at the checkpoints and the proportions are designed to be filling and nutritious to meet the requirements of an average *****. Food will be delivered to the checkpoint in the following way:

Start - two-day package (1 dehydrated meal, 2 breakfasts, 2 additional meals) Baške Oštarija - 1 hot meal (dinner), 2-day package (2 breakfasts, 2 dehydrated meals, 2 additional meals)
Veliko Rujno - 1 hot meal (dinner), one-day food package (1 breakfast, 1 additional meal)
Additional information will be available upon completion of the participant's application.

Do I have to stop at each checkpoint?
There are 5 mandatory checkpoints on the route. On all of the mandatory checkpoints it is necessary to affix stamp of the place to Highlander ID. Checkpoints are opened for 24 hours and the staff is going to stamp your Highlander ID, in case of exceptional circumstances participant will stamp his/her own Highlander ID.
Do I have to camp near the checkpoints?
No, you can camp wherever you like except in the national parks Northern Velebit and Paklenica.
What if I have a problem with my equipment?
There will be staff on each checkpoint with the needed knowledge and skills that you can refer for quick and efficient problem solving.
Will the transport to the starting position be assured?
Organiser will also provide transportation for all participants from Senj to Zavižan and to the Start line of Highlander competition and transport of one bag (60 L/20 kg) with personal things from the Start line from Zavižan to the Finish line in Starigrad. You can come to the Start line in your private arrangement.
I have organised longer stay in Croatia after the race. Will I have organised transportation after the finish of Highlander to my residence?
No. Organiser only provides transportation to the Start line. You need to arrange all the transportation after the race yourself.
Will I have phone service?
In most cases yes, but there will be places that are not covered with phone service signal.
Are trekking poles a good idea?
Not only are they a good idea, they are your best friend. A long pole, roughly about as long as you are tall, is traditionally used. Length can be varied by adjusting your grip. Another alternative is to use two normal poles (such as ski poles). It’s easiest to use an extendable telescopic pole that allows you to vary the length. When going up you shorten it, and when going down you extend it.
Can I share my equipment with other contestants?
With other contestant you can share only:

tent, waterproof wing or a hammock
camp cooker that uses gas, gasoline or alcohol
First aid kit

The two contestants sharing equipment can not finish the race or go through the checkpoints in a span longer than 30 minutes.
Will there be organized special camping sites through out the event?
Camping is organized at following locations:

Baške Oštarije
Veliko Rujno

Participants are not obliged to camp in these places.
What is included in the price?

transportation for participants from Senj to Zavižan
transport of one travelling bag (60 L/20 kg)
map of Velebit and plastic cover for it
pass for NP Northern Velebit and Paklenica
Highlander ID
Food and water
attendance of the Highlander party after the event finish point

What do I get finishing the event?
All participants that successfully finish the race will get the Highlander Velebit medal and the Highlander Velebit certificate.
Will the race be held despite the bad weather forecast?
What will happen if I have paid, but have to cancel my arrival?
In the case of cancellation of the event by the participant, it will receive a refund of 50% of the amount paid, if it notifies the organizer by e-mail no later than 10.08.2018. at 15 o'clock.
I have a specific dietary preferences. Will there be vegan/vegetarian/gluten free options on each checkpoint?
On each checkpoint will be only vegetarian options.

Subota, 01. Rujan 2018, Northern Velebit, Highlander Velebit

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